Програма для менеджерів

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Онлайн-програма для групи формату “Менеджмент в сфері охорони здоров’я”
Жов 19 – Гру 11 all-day

Формат групи: “Менеджмент в сфері охорони здоров’я”

Мова: російська

Освітній центр: WAK (Wirtschaftsakademie Schleswig-Holstein)

Онлайн-програма для групи формату “Загальна кооперація без галузевої специфіки”
Жов 26 – Гру 18 all-day

Формат групи: “Економічна кооперація без галузевої специфіки”

Мова програми: російська

Освітній центр: EABW (Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg)

E-learning course “Change management”
Гру 1 – Гру 4 all-day

Do you feel like change is something stressful, maybe even annoying? Most people do! Because we like to hold on to what we know. We prefer staying put. However, without change, progress is impossible. Managers, who are reluctant to change, will not be able to steer their enterprise into the future. So, let’s face it: If you want to be competitive, there is no way around change, especially in times of COVID-19!

In this course you will learn how to:

– Approach change management holistically

– Apply the professional communication of change

– Involve everyone who is affected

– Convince people of your plan

– Recognize and overcome resistance.

We will start by getting to know each other during the first online workshop. You will then get 2-3 days to individually work on the e-learning course on change management. We will use the second online workshop to discuss your personal experiences in change processes and to answer any questions you may have.

Target group: Alumni in Belarus and Moldova, max. 20 participants of every course

Language: English

Trainer: Mrs. Marlene Trost & Mr. Lucas Richter (Combeo Consult)

Dates: 1. and 4. of December

Registration link is here.